Start At The Beginning

February 22

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Gen­esis 1:1

Let’s have a quiz this morning. You’ve read through the Creation story many times. So you know all the correct answers, right?

1. On what day did God make fish?

2. On what day did He decide that cod would have scales and that clams would have shells? That crabs would run sideways instead of straight? That daddy sea horses would carry the sea horse eggs in their pouches instead of the mother sea horses carrying them?

3. On what day did He put the dots on the ladybug’s back or the shell on the snail?

4. On what day did He design Orion or the Big Dipper or the moon’s pull on the oceans to produce tides?

5. On what day did He make Arabian horses? Palominos? Morgans?

Boy, the Creator sure had a lot to think about when He made the world, didn’t He? Think of the hundreds of thousands of other decisions God needed to make! Talk about planning ahead! Nothing was left to chance, as a few of the world’s scientists would like you to believe. Each day’s task was carried out in an orderly fashion.

A woodcarver I know says that when he looks at a piece of wood, he sees an owl or an eagle or a dolphin trapped inside, waiting for him to release it with his carving blades. An artist friend of mine plans exactly how her finished canvas will look by first sketching her idea out on a piece of paper. Nothing is left to chance. An architect draws thousands of tiny lines on a sheet of paper before even one brick is stacked on top of another. When I write a story I close my eyes and picture just how the story should go, then I turn on my computer and begin typing.

When I think of the time before Creation, I like to imagine God and Jesus relaxing on the green lawn beside the sea of glass and talking about creating a long-necked creature with spots or a shiny black creature with eight legs. Or perhaps sketching the basic structure of the little dipper in the sand beside the water. Of course, I have only the Genesis story to go by. But that’s more than enough for us to see God’s love, His power, and His carefully organized plan for His children. The rest of the story we’ll learn straight from the Creator Himself someday.

Go For The Gold Devotional - Kay Rizzo