Burning Off The Clouds

February 21

Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Psalm 36:5, NIV

“Oh,” my houseguest groaned as she peered out of our living room window, “it’s cloudy. I was hoping to see Mount Hood before I left Oregon.”

“Don’t worry,” my husband assured her, “the clouds will burnoff by noon.”

From October to April, Richard wouldn’t have dared make such a prediction. During the Northwest’s rainy season, clear skies are rare. But in midsummer it is almost a guarantee that the clouds will be burned off by the sun’s rays.

While visitors to the area often fret over the clouds or occasional rain shower, true Oregonians don’t mind at all. They even joke about the rainy weather. “We don’t tan; we rust,” they say. Or “At the beach you can always tell an Oregonian from a tourist; the Oregonian is the one with webbed feet.”

One of Oregon’s college basketball teams is called the Ducks- for obvious reasons. I’ve even heard Oregonians exaggerate to tourists about the amount of Oregon rainfall each year in order to discourage them from moving here permanently.

Not only do those clouds overhead maintain the incredible forests of giant trees and wild fem undergrowth but they also contribute to the snow pack gracing our mountain peaks and to the ample spring runoff that cascades down the caverns and over dramatic waterfalls into our reser­voirs.

But you know, more than just Oregonians live with clouds hanging over their heads. I’m not talking about clouds predicted by the TV weatherperson, but the ones that bring discouragement and sorrow. Death, sickness, losing one’s job, are all heavy clouds that block out personal happiness. Just as Oregonians appreciate the winter rains for the blessings they enjoy come springtime, so Christians know that God and His richest blessing can be found in the midst of the darkest of personal storm clouds. In Exodus 19:9, He says, “I come to you in a thick cloud.” And like the Oregon sunshine, God can bum off the clouds of discouragement and bring us clear, blue skies once again if we will only trust Him.

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