Bullets to Medals

July 9

Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5, NIV.

Have you ever doubted God’s ability to turn some­thing bad into something good? Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation that you thought was hopeless?

More than 200 years ago the Russian general Rimniksky Suvarov found himself in a seemingly hopeless situation. He and his men, while in the middle of a battle, had been completely outnumbered by the enemy.

Suvarov’s men realized that they were headed for defeat. ‘’We have fallen into the enemy’s hands,” they said.

Suvarov saw things differently. Turning to his soldiers, he threw out a challenge. ‘’Why not say ‘The enemy has fallen into our hands’?”

Confident that they could win the battle, the general ordered his men to advance, and Suvarov’s forces succeeded in defeating the opposing army. Mer capturing the enemy’s citadel, the general sent his soldiers to search out all the ammunition that had been stored there. He took the lead bullets, melted them down, and then remade them into medals for his men. So the lead that was intended to kill Suvarov’s soldiers became their badges of honor.

Jesus does the same for us. When Satan sends hardships and troubles our way, Jesus turns them into blessings. What Satan sends to hurt us, Jesus uses for our good.

Just today I talked with a friend who grew up in an abusive home. All her life she wondered what good could come from the beatings her mother used to give her, but during the past week she’s seen how God can turn her “bullets” into “medals.”

“I find God bringing other abused people into my life,” Joan said. “My cousin Esther just moved back to this area in order to mend a broken relationship with her abusive mother. As she talked about how hard it was to forget the past, I knew how to encourage her. As we ended the conversation, Esther said, ‘Joan, you’ll never know how helpful you have been. It’s so good to be able to talk to someone who understands what I have gone through.’ “

You may not have been abused, but you probably have had some sad times in your life. Don’t become discouraged. Jesus can turn these painful experiences into blessings. Just trust Him.

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