Make A List Day

November 27

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalm 136: 1.

Someone once said, “Being thankful is a choice, not a chance.” I like that. That means, no matter what else is happening in my life, I can choose to be thankful. And I've discovered that when I am thankful, I am happy. Therefore, I can always choose to be happy. Make sense?

Today, on the day before Thanksgiving, I'm especially happy. I'll have a house full of company tomorrow. I need to scrub the bathtub, wash the kitchen floor, put clean sheets on the guest room bed, dust, vacuum­, the list is endless. With so much to do before my company arrives, it would be easy to become so busy getting ready for Thanksgiving that I forget to be thankful. So to prevent that from happening to you or to me, let's play a Day-Before-Thanksgiving-Day game around the breakfast table this morning.

Starting with the letter A, give one thing you are thankful for-for example, air, then tell why you're thankful for it. The person next to you gives one thing he's thankful for that begins with B and so on, until you run out of either time or blessings. My guess is that you'll run out of time first. You might want to continue the game during tonight's family worship, too. See who can come up with the most unusual blessing that God has given you.

Saying thank you is important. It helps us remember that the gifts God gives are just that-gifts. They aren't something we earn or even deserve, but come from the divine heart of love. We can never say thank You to God, or even to those we love, often enough.

So let's see. Today I am thankful for ... uh ... artichokes-because they taste so yummy with lemon-butter sauce. Now it's your turn.

“Go for the Gold” - Devotional by Kay Rizzo