Prison Doors

September 18

The Lord sets prisoners free, the Lord gives sight to the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous. Psalm 146: 7, 8, NIV.

Harry Houdini was probably the most famous magician the world has ever known. He was also an expert escape artist. Houdini let people lock him in heavy chains, and within minutes he’d be walking around free. He also let people put him in a strait­jacket and hang him from a rope by his feet. Somehow he freed himself from that predicament, too. He went so far as to boast that he could escape from any jail cell in less than one hour.

The warden of a new prison in the British Isles took him up on his challenge. “You’ll never be able to get out of my prison,” he said.

“We’ll see about that!” replied Houdini.

Of course the newspaper reporters heard about Harry’s newest stunt, and they were all there the day he was scheduled to make his big breakout.

After Harry waved to his audience, he entered the prison cell. The door slammed behind him. As soon as the warden and the guards left the cell block, Harry pulled out a 10-inch piece of flexible steel that he had hidden in his belt. He walked over to the massive door and began picking the lock.

Five minutes went by. Harry was still working. Ten minutes. It was taking a lot longer than he had expected. I should have been out by now, he thought.

The clock continued to tick off the minutes. Harry began to get nervous. Would he ever get free? Sweat popped out on his forehead. An hour had gone by.

Frantic, the great Houdini worked faster and faster. The stress was almost more than he could handle. Finally after two hours, he dropped to the ground in utter exhaustion, and as his body fell against the iron door, it swung open. It had been unlocked the whole time.

Does Satan ever make you feel like his prisoner? Does he tell you things like “You’re hopeless; you can never change” or “You have no right to go to God; He doesn’t want to help someone like you. You’re mine now”? If he tries to bluff you, don’t listen to him. He knows the door is unlocked. But as long as he can hide the truth from you, he can keep you as his prisoner.

When Jesus died, He broke Satan’s power. All you have to do is accept Jesus as your Saviour. Then He’ll come into your life and free you from your evil habits and desires.

Will you stay in Satan’s prison-or will you walk out into a new life of happiness and freedom?

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