Fol­lowing the Crowd

July 24

Will you keep to the old path that evil men have trod? Job 22:15, NIV.

Have you ever heard of the processionary caterpil­lar? It seems that these little creatures like to follow one another.

Once a man decided to see just how long they would march behind each other. So he took a large flowerpot and set it on a table. He placed a number of the caterpillars on the edge of the pot and watched to see what they would do.

They started inching along the rim, one after another, each one following the one ahead. Hour after hour they marched along. The man decided that by then they must be tired and hungry. So he placed some food inside the flowerpot to see if he could tempt them to break rank, but the little creatures just kept parading around and around.

The caterpillars never stopped. They kept inching along, following the leader. After a few days the caterpillars grew so weak that they could hardly move. They needed rest. They needed food. But not one broke away from the crowd. Instead they all died.

Do you ever act like a processionary caterpillar? Do you insist on following the crowd, even when the crowd is going nowhere?

Some students don’t study because their friends don’t value good grades. Instead of setting goals for the future and learning all they can, they follow the crowd that is going nowhere in life.

Do you ever act like a processionary caterpillar? Do you join in with your friends even when the things they’re doing are self-destructive? Do you set aside your values in order to be accepted? Do you partici­pate in things that dishonor God and make you lose your self-respect?

None of the caterpillars were willing to break away and go after some food, and so they all died. If only one had been willing to change direction, maybe the others would have followed.

It’s not easy to break away from the group, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Do you have enough courage to stand alone?

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